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Snow King Services W.l.l

What Makes Us Special

Snow King Services W.l.l


We source only the finest rice grains, employ rigorous processing techniques, and adhere to strict standards to ensure the highest quality

Snow King Services W.l.l


Consistency is key for our  company. We strive to maintain the same high level of quality with every batch of rice we produce, ensuring our customers can always count on us.

Snow King Services W.l.l

Express Delivery

We pride ourselves on fast and on-time delivery of our rice products. Our efficient logistics team ensures that your order is delivered to your doorstep as quickly as possible.

Sanjeevani Basmati Rice

Sanjeevani Basmati Rice, the top-selling brand in Qatar, is perfect for Arabic kitchens and elite restaurants. Its premium quality and authentic taste make it a customer favorite.

Snow King Services W.l.l

Punjab Gate Basmati Rice

Punjab Gate Basmati Rice is a premium quality rice that is a top seller in our inventory. It is perfect for top-class restaurants, thanks to its authentic taste and superior quality.

Snow King Services W.l.l

Grand India Basmati

Grand India Basmati Rice is a premium quality rice that is known for its long, slender grains and delightful aroma. It is a favorite among rice lovers and is perfect for a variety of dishes.

Snow King Services W.l.l

What Our Clients Says?

the Sanjeevani Basmati Rice is a standout ingredient in many of our rice dishes. Its premium quality and authentic taste elevate the overall dining to our customers.

Al Harfey Kitchen

Highly recommend the Sanjeevani Basmati Rice dishes. The authentic taste and aroma were simply amazing.

Doha Oriental Kitchen

The Sanjeevani Basmati Rice was the perfect choice for our biryani dish. The quality and flavor were exceptional.

Makaram Al Nokhba Kitchen

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Snow King Services W.l.l was Established in year 2015 we are leading import and distribution company in Qatar, specializing in the distribution of premium quality rice and food products. As one of the largest distributors and having 10 popular brands of rice in the country,….more